K-12 curriculum organizer for school districts
Curriculum Planner
for K-12 
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Our online curriculum manager called Curriculum Planner was recently
overhauled to allow it to be used by teachers using their
phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and other small form factor devices.
This product is in use in Texas with approx. 2500 K-12 users, and allows for
uploaded curriculum to be linked to state standards. We are working on entering standards
for other states for linking. We are also working on a version that is less tied to
the local district's integrated login system and would allow for ad-hoc use by teachers across
boundaries so as to build a shared reservoir of curated self-developed or copyright-released
content or URL links. This would allow for rapid construction of quality, searchable, and subject
or grade-organized content. Contact us if your district would be interested in joining a group of
other districts in your state to build an online curriculum planner.