Capturing and harnessing knowledge for 20 years

Knowledge Based Products and Consulting

Consulting and Projects

Small and large projects involving knowledge capture, management, and delivery, ranging from a recent Food Animal Residue Research Portal, to computer-based training and intelligent tutoring systems, to expert systems, fuzzy logic, and neural networks. 


We have built an expert system shell for use in medical diagnostics, an online curriculum management system, and a distance learning management system that can be re-purposed for other settings.


For development and consulting, options include hourly or by-project-milestone.
For K-12 products, options include per-teacher and by district ADA.

Variety of customers

Private industry such as Veterinary Information Network, universities such as the UC system, and innovators in educational technology in public education, including Plano ISD.

e-learning, digital curriculum, and LMS modules 

K-12 web applications

We've built some neat web applications for school districts, and can fit them to your district's learning infrastructure.

Creative Solutions

We are usually involved with leading edge thinkers and innovative applications of learning technology. 

We know education

Learning theory based design, with excellent communication wtih your staff is a key to our success.  

Employee with a Ph.D. in Education will be a primary contact throughout the project. 

Yes, we built Plano's current curriculum management system

Curriculum Planner

10's of thousands of in-house and cloud documents, organized, linked to state standards, in use daily by 2000+ teachers.

... and we also built their eSchool distance learning management system.


Complete management system for handling registration through tracking, communications, and e-transcripts. 

Mobile-Friendly Web Interfaces

When University of California researchers needed help with developing a system that allowed users with phones and tablets to enter hummingbird research data, they selected Cogni to develop the suite of web applications, allowing rapid entry and viewing of thousands of hummingbirds and millions of RFID data points.

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